Some stuff from Twitter

A couple of things popped into my twitter feed today. One is a representation of all eight major planets plus Ceres and Pluto in an orbital display (curiously circular orbits, but never mind). The display has the bodies crossing a line and creating a ping whenever that line is crossed. Each body travels at a speed determined by its actual year and the result can be seen and heard here.

Meanwhile, Dr Richard Wiseman set a challenge for people to tweet relativity in 140 characters. Here’s a few snippets of the resulting discussion:

RichardWiseman 10 points to anyone who can explain einsteins theory of relativity in 140 chars or less. #relativity

RichardWiseman Re my Twitter einstein challenge, either special or general or both is fine.

RichardWiseman RT @OneInchMan: 2 hours with a pretty girl feels like 2 minutes. 2 minutes sat on a hot stove feels like 2 hours #relativity

daraobriain @RichardWiseman General: We feel gravity because heavy things change the shape of space around them, drawing us in.

_JonBaxter_ @RichardWiseman General relativity theory: Relatives = Will / Nursing Home Costs #relativity

ProfBrianCox @richardwiseman Expt tells us that space + time must be merged together – distance between 2 points in spacetime : ds^2 = dx^2 – c^2 dt^2

RichardWiseman @ProfBrianCox: that’s roughly what I was thinking

RichardWiseman Huge response to Einstein challange. Thanks to everyone.

RichardWiseman Oh, that’s v nice RT @BrianDunning: The faster you get there, the longer it takes.

Follow the evolving discussion by clicking onto his twitter feed or the #relativity hashtag.


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