Space Shuttle Discovery back on terra firma

The space shuttle Discovery landed earlier today at 9:08am ET (14:08 BST), following 238 orbits of the Earth on mission STS-131, which aimed to do work pertaining to the continuing use and building up of the International Space Station. This was the shuttle’s penultimate visit to the ISS, with its final visit, the final ever shuttle mission (if current plans hold), on mission STS-133, penned in for the 16th of September. Before then will be missions STS-134 (the numbers refer to the order the mission was accepted in, not launch order), which will be the Endeavour’s final trip, launching on the 29th of July and the next mission, STS-132, which will be Atlantis’ final visit, penned in for the 14th of May. Footage of Discovery’s landing was broadcast on NASA TV, updates on events on NASA’s Twitter account, and then archived to NASA’s Youtube Channel, from where it has been taken and put here:


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