Things to do…

Another quick reminder of things to do (I will be at a conference for the next two days, meaning no blog posts).

Tonight is the Eddington Society Skywatch at Abbot Hall park, Kendal from 8pm. This is our second major event during Global Astronomy Month and coincides with Lunar Week. GAM themselves are also hosting an online observing event at 19:30 UT (20:30 BST) tonight.

It is also the peak of the Lyrids meteor shower, with a low level of activity, maybe a meteor every ten minutes or so, expected in the early hours.

Turning from the Moon to the Sun, also tonight, the Solar Dynamics Observatory will have its first images premiered at 19:15 BST (2:15 EDT) tonight at this webpage.

Meanwhile those in London might be interested to know at the National History Museum there is to be a debate on alien life including astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell of UCL at 19:00-21:00 on April 29th.

Meanwhile over in the USA, NASA offers live interviews with two of the Hubble Space Telescope’s premier scientists on Friday 23rd of April between 6-9am EDT (11-14am BST), to be broadcast on NASA TV. Further information here.


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