Photos of Discovery’s return and flight

With the end of mission STS-131 happening with a fly over of much of the USA by the space shuttle Discovery en route to the Kennedy Space Center, photos of the landing by those under the flight path and near to KSC have not been long in following. Even more impressively, of course, people have been busy snapping shots of the shuttle when it was docked with the International Space Station. One set of examples by Ted Judah, who tracked his Celestron 11″ Schmidt-Cassagrain telescope (with mounted Cannon 30D SLR) manually as the ISS passed overhead, is located here. Meanwhile veteran space station photographer Thierry Legault also got images of the mission in flight (including the shuttle free from the station) and added to them a little about how he did it and photoprocessing for astroimaging. He used a Meade ACF 10” telescope with Lumenera Skynyx L2-2 monochrome video camera (12-bit fits), focal length 4500mm and also tracked manually, using two joysticks and a finderscope with crosshairs.


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