IYA, GAM and SPA news bulletins

I’m trying to catch up with stuff after a trip to London, so I’ll lump together three news bulletin groups.

The Society for Popular Astronomy has released electronic news bulletin 287. It speaks about the recent fireballs as well as general news items from the National Astronomy Meeting, 2010. The society will also be running a beginner’s meeting, ‘Starting from Scratch’, on the 5th of June, 11am-5pm at the Gateway Centre, Shrewsbury. It is open to everyone, SPA member or not, and tickets will cost £5 per person. The day will involve talks and activities.

Global Astronomy Month has two events lined up for special mention. The first is the members’ blog, which allows reporting of GAM events by participants. The second is the Global Star Party, which took place on Saturday.

Final [Beyond] The International Year of Astronomy is still going strong with a few updates. This includes the winner of the 2009 Out of This World competition, run by Astronomy magazine, which hopes to identify the best public outreach effort in astronomy of the year. There was also news of the first Galileo Teacher Training Program event for Portuguese speaking African countries. GTTP intends to improve the knowledge and skills of those whose job it is to teach astronomy around the world. And The World at Night, the global astrophotography effort, has reached even Iran.


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