More IYA2009 updates

(or rather ‘beyond the international year of astronomy, 2009‘ updates)

In the IYA2009 Updates page we have news that science magazine has run an article (also a related podcast) on the Galileoscope (an affordable and not bad refracting telescope). There’s also an ad for the JENAM2010 Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting, to take place on the 6th-10th September in Portugal. There is a page on the global celebrations of Hubble’s twentieth anniversary in orbit. A quick report on the Campus Party, a gathering of youn innovators from across Europe, at which IYA2009 had a presence due to a Global Astronomy Month event, which was documented in photographs here. The World at Night Newsletter is out. Some files from the Public Face of Space symposium have been uploaded to their website. And finally, there’s a Cosmology short course for museum and planetarium staff called the Dark Universe to be held in Chicago at The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics on September the 24th-26th.

Further details will slowly emerge through the IYA2009 twitter feed of further updates.


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