Some spaceflight bits and bobs

Progress mission 37P blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station, atop a Soyuz booster with its cargo of supplies for the ISS at 1:15pm ET (6:15pm BST) today. The unmanned probe will dock with the station at 2:35pm ET (7:35pm BST) on May 1st, with NASA TV broadcasting from 6pm BST.

The James Webb Space Telescope is a step closer to reality as the mission readiness review passed the design as being appropriate for the science it is meant to conduct.

NASA Lunar Science forum 2010 will be held at NASA’s Ames Research Center on July 20th-22nd. The forum will be concerned with the results of the LRO and LCROSS probes as well as the presentation of the annual Shoemaker award and associated lecture. Registration is free and participants are encouraged to register early. Abstracts will be accepted up until May 3rd. A flyer for the forum is here.

NASA have celebrated 20 years of the Hubble Space Telescope with this video from their youtube channel:

…and if you want even older video, here’s the first thirty seconds of the launch of Apollo 11 slowed down to last eight minutes via a 500 frames per second video camera, allowing a narrative to explain different parts of the lower launch mechanism.


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