A couple of bits of history on display

Guenter Wendt was the Usher of the Apollo space capsules, the ‘Pad Leader’ and the last man the men who walked on the Moon saw before blasting off into the stars. He died on Monday morning aged 85, and to commemorate him, NASA put out this and this, oral histories, through their twitter account.

Meanwhile, the Museum of Jurassic Technology has an interesting collection in its Misch/Webster Gallery. Entitled “No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge Again“, Letters to The Mount Wilson Observatory 1915-1935, it displays a few dozen letters from cranks to the observatory director, explaining their possession of a new theory of everything. As I have a collection of these myself and display a few of them on here, I can quite understand the exhibition… What is most surprising is how little the letters shown online differ from their modern internet powered equivalents.


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