GRL Highlights of interest

The American Geophysical Union has published its highlights of accepted papers in Geophysical Research Letters and Water Resource Research, some of which hold interest for astrophysicists:

Optical reflections have been confirmed from lakes on Titan. Radar reflections showed that giant lakes of liquid existed on the surface of Titan, now Cassini data have been dug up that show sunlight reflected on the surface of the lakes.

Geologists have been at data from HiRISE on layered polar deposits on Mars. Like stratified deposits on the Earth, these sediments should be capable of giving indications on how Mars’ climate has changed over time.

Finally, there’s been some atmospheric papers in the highlights this week, with one group studying the hypothesis that winds can be modelled using an atmospheric model based on layers of constant atmospheric pressure rather than constant altitude. They find that there’s only a marked leaning toward altitude on low timescales. Another group analysed how possible it is to put the ‘structural noise’ of a model to one side when comparing the rest of its physics to that of another model to validate it. A third group has parameterised the chemistry of organic dust, which arises both from biological processes and organic (carbon based) photochemistry.


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