#SciVote roundup T-2

With the dying days of the 2010 General Election Campaign on us, things can only get bitter. Nevertheless, there’s still a few things happening of relevance to science policy and therefore the #SciVote campaign of CaSE, so here’s a few of the things I spotted during the course of today.

Firstly, the strange case of the missing Science Minister. Lord Drayson (who apparently doesn’t tweet here…) was a very vocal member of the Government up until Purdah (the period for which government facilities must never be seen to be used for electoral advantage of any sort) took hold, then he seemed to vanish. Not doing the Guardian’s science policy quiz, not launching Labour’s Science Manifesto, not even doing telephone interviews. OK, he was waylaid by ash for a while, but the internet wasn’t. The Times suggests he may not just be missing from the campaign, but potentially from the Government.

…and why the need for good science policy? well it could mean the difference between our children being taught their place in the universe as displayed here:

or as displayed here:

Some researchers at UCL have been setting out their wish list for a new Government, including some bits to do with science policy.

Meanwhile, the Royal Astronomical Society has been setting out the case for giving proper attention to Earth Sciences including the Sun-Earth connection, an area of research whose funding was savaged by the STFC debacle in 2007 in a move described by a parliamentary committee as “bizarre”.


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