#SciVote T-3 roundup

There was no T-4 roundup as everyone seemed to take a day off yesterday. But they’re back, so here’s my roundup of news of possible relevance to the #SciVote campaign of CaSE, to better the profile, funding and approach to science policy.

First off, the next party to answer the Guardian’s panel’s questions was Labour, whose answers are here and analysis of them here. This week’s science webcast also involves politics.

Meanwhile, the Sun has been attacked for suggesting life had been found on Mars. They extrapolated a bit too far when the discovery of sulfates, which may suggested the past presence of water, which may in turn have allowed for some of the preconditions of life, were definite signs of life.

Over in the USA, the Interdisciplinary National Science Program Incorporating Research Experience, or INSPIRE, program, run by NASA, has opened the gates for applications by High School students between now and June 30th. The program, one of their many education programs, is designed to inspire students to take greater interests in science, technology, engineering and maths through hands on experience with the sort of agency with the aura and resources to do this. Political backing essential, those over here should note.


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