BIYA2009 roundup

Twitter has given to me three new Beyond the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 updates, so here they are relayed to my reader(s).

There is a meeting to be held in Gilching, Germany from August 30th-4th of September called Astronomy and Power, How Worlds Are Structured. The meeting will look at how astronomy, space science and cosmology has featured in social structures from prehistory, where astrology held sway, to the space age, where the superpowers showed off prestige through space programs. The meeting website and further details are here.

The Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan/Iraq held a Mobile Exhibition Project, with free standing pictures placed in a variety of places. The exhibition was complimented during Global Astronomy Month with the occasional star party, all of which proved very successful.

A write-up and images of a Galilean Nights event last year has finally made it onto the web. The write-up includes the build up, memories of the night itself and a review of the reaction of people getting to see the sky through a telescope with their own eyes, in many cases for the first time.


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