Some astronomy related computational stuff

LaTeX is the clothing writing software of choice for many a paper scribbling astrophysicist. Google docs can now be made to support this niche market via the web-based open source LaTeX editor, LaTeX Lab.

However, if you’re more interested in reading papers already produced, then there’s ArXiv, but it contains thousands of new papers submitted every day on a variety of topics, so why not also use the ArxivSorter? This nifty tool tries to identify all papers in a given field by looking at the publication history of an author and their coauthors (and their coauthors and so on) to establish the ‘proximity’ of other authors to the original.

And finally, if you’re a web software engineer and want to help deliver a massive citizen science project, then the Zooniverse, the guys behind Galaxy Zoo, the Supernova hunt, Solar stormwatch and Moon Zoo are working on another new concept and require someone of your ilk to help. They will pay around £40k a year, further details can be seen here.


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