A few BIYA2009 things

Beyond the International Year of Astronomy, 2009 continues to pump out news items, here’s a few snippets of interest.

Here’s a Google X-prize with a difference. MoonBots is a two phase challenge that asks teams to design and create Lego Mindstorms robots to perform actions on a simulated Lunar surface. The first phase, running until the 28th of May, is for teams to digitally design a robot, having checked out the challenges and terrain they’d be experiencing. A team of judges will sift through the entries and twenty teams will be invited to continue to phase two, running between June 21st and August 14th, when a Lego Mindstorms set and MoonBot simulated Lunar surface will be delivered to the teams and they build the robots and perform the tasks. All phase II team members will receive a two year subscription to Wired magazine and the winning three teams will visit the headquarters of Lego in Billund, Denmark. Team registration is open until Saturday.

Following the International Year of Astronomy, UNESCO’s 54th World Heritage review looks at astronomy related stuff. It is here.

The Media in Education newsletter is out. Mostly concerned with podcasting and video resources for educators, the pdf is here.


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