Some online astro stuff

Although I’ve been pointing towards it for a while, Moon Zoo, the citizen science website where people categorise Lunar craters was launched today. This latest addition to the Zooniverse joins the galaxy classification website Galaxy Zoo, the Supernova Hunt, Solar Stormwatch and galactic interaction modelling and classification system Galaxy Zoo Mergers.

If merely working with other people’s data doesn’t fit the bill for you, then how about remote control of a few telescopes for free? The MicroObservatory allows you to pick a target, determine all required settings (filters etc) then wait a couple of days for an image to pop into your inbox. Meanwhile, from the same place, Observe With Nasa has a much fuller list of targets available for your use. The difference between the two is merely one was an International Year of Astronomy, 2009 website and the other a NASA outreach project. The telescopes are the same.

But perhaps you have your own high-tech telescope and want instruction on how to use it? Will Gater of the Sky at Night Magazine attended the Gadget Show today and did an item on just that.


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