Some astro stuff in the news

The Laser is celebrating five decades of lighting up the world, playing CDs, reflecting off panels on the Moon and pointing out that splodge on the latest powerpoint presentation. To celebrate, Paul Sutherland (who tweets here) has listed fifty uses of the laser in the Sun.

Greedy Wisconsin has yet again had a big fireball in its skies and before its cameras. Video here.

The Sky at Night Magazine has had a cover nominated in the ‘specialist’ category of the Maggies. Voting goes on until the 20th of June.

Finally, USA Today teamed up with NASA to host the No Boundaries competition, in which teams of school children researched a career in one of the STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) disciplines, researched it and created a project based on the discipline. The winners produced a black and white photography portfolio on the topic of materials engineering. Others who missed out on first place included the projects “ExoGeology Rocks” and “Astronomy: No boundaries”. USA Today will present first placed winners with $2,000, second place $1,000 and $500 for the teacher of the winners. NASA will provide tours to the first and second placed winners, although they’d only intended to do so for the overall winners, they were impressed enough by “ExoGeology Rocks” to add a new prize. The competition was part of NASA’s education program.


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