Atlantis to rise later today

The clock is ticking down, the live launch blog of Spaceflight Now has begun. The intended launch date of mission STS-132 to the International Space Station has arrived here at least. 14:20pm EDT (19:20 BST) remains the target. Events will be broadcast on NASA TV.

This is scheduled to be the third from last flight of a shuttle into space and the final flight of the particular space shuttle Atlantis, celebrated in pictures on Discovery today. This has resulted in a congregation of twitter users at the launch pad, polls in and a rare riposte to President Obama from Neil Armstrong, who believes the President is “poorly advised” on these matters.

Here are some videos from NASA’s Youtube Channel of Atlantis ready to fly, a tribute to Atlantis and the Mission Managers’ Update:

To see whether or not the station and the shuttle will be visible in your skies, consult Heavens Above.


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