Some BIYA stuff

Some bits of news gathered from the twitter feed of Beyond the International Year of Astronomy, 2009.

James Lu Dunbar has released a book of astronomy filled with pictures and rhymes, the two things he as a child would demand from any book worth his time. Further information, and contact details to get a free pdf version of the book, are at this webpage. His website itself is here.

400 years after Galileo published The Starry Messenger, in which he detailed his telescopic observations, The Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy, which has spent two years closed due to renovations, is to reopen as the Galileo Museum. Details on the museum and its exhibits, including the objective lens used in Galileo’s telescope to spot the Galilean Moons of Jupiter and two of his telescopes, can be found at this webpage.

The International Decadal Survey of Astronomy aims to identify how amateurs and professionals can be brought together to perform real research over the period 2012-2022, using both previously recognised methods and new ones that may appear. The website is here.


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