Astronomy roundup

There’s been unusual clear skies over Kendal for a while, and even more unusually, they happened while a pleasant to watch with the eye conjunction happened between the Moon and Venus. Stuart Atkinson (who tweets here) captured several images, published on Universe Today and on

The path the Moon takes in the sky over the course of a month is in the area of those taken by the planets over the years. This means there are close conjunctions between the Moon and the available eyeball planets each month. But sometimes, the Moon gets a little closer, as some people found on the 16th, photographing the Moon passing before Venus in the daylit evening sky. Here’s one set of photos. The Moon is set to continue to bowl on into the region of the sky dominated by Mars, Saturn and the bright star Regulus for four days from Wednesday.

If you want to know of any other eyeball sights in the night sky, Sky and Telescope Magazine have a guide to this week’s stars.

Meanwhile Astronomy Now magazine have put out a preview of this month’s magazine and a collection of photos of weather on other bodies on facebook.

The LA Times has published a look forward towards the era of three new giant telescopes and the Guardian has published a video explaining a new Nature paper on how dwarf galaxies avoid the disc and bulge shape.


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