BIYA roundup

Beyond the International Year of Astronomy, 2009, has published a few updates and had some other updates applicable to it.

There is a news update, containing things I have blogged about in the past and information on two scientific meetings. The first analyses the results of a ProAm (professional-amateur) international project, that allowed ‘advanced’ amateurs to make use of their skills and equipment to contribute to real science, in this case including the spectroscopy of stellar winds. The meeting will be in Portugal at the Convento da Arrábida – Lisbon, May 28th – 30th, 2010. The second is InterSoles 3, the Third International Solar Eclipse Summit, in which professionals and amateurs will gather to swap facts, tips and observations relating to solar eclipses, accompanied by images, movies and the like. This will take place this year on 9th July 2010 in Buenos Aires’ Galileo Galilei  Planetarium.

…and so onto another meeting with relevance to BIYA2009. This is the meeting that follows up the IYA2009 project She is an Astronomer. General information about what happened can be seen here and one scientist’s-eye view of proceedings can be seen here.


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