Astronomy roundup

If you want to follow developments in the filming of Wonders of the Universe, the sequel to Wonders of the Solar System, then BBC Science have a twitter feed here and a twitter hashtag, #wonders, for all relevant tweets, the presenter, Professor Brian Cox also tweets here.

If you fancy something a bit more social than just a TV program, then there’s a new planetarium program narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart called Violent Universe running at Greenwhich from May 22nd-August 31st.

If you’d prefer something a little more static, then Keith Cooper, editor of Astronomy Now is below (from their youtube channel) chatting about the latest edition of the magazine:

And finally, users of Galaxy Zoo never hear the end of Hanny’s Voorwerp, a thing discovered by user Hanny Van Arkel, which turned out to be the never before witnessed afterglow of intergalactic gas struck by the jets of relativistic particles from a supermassive active black hole. If they thought this thing was going away, they’d be badly wrong as a graphic novel is to be created using the story – further information and solicitations of graphic artists and others who can help create the novel are here.


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