Some SciTech politics stuff

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE, the people behind the #SciVote campaign for better science policy and funding) has published a list of MPs with either interests or qualifications (academic or professional experience) in science or engineering. Guest blogger for the Times, Chris Tyler argues that evidence based policy would be a good place for the Coalition to find common policy ground. Another by Professor Bill Wakeham lauds the future for physics education, based on work done to improve the curriculum by bringing together agents from all levels of education.

The UK Space Agency (which tweets here) has started up its online presence again after the election induced hiatus. They have announced the UK Space Directory, which is a list of space facilities and agencies in the UK. They also today pointed their followers to scholarships offered for attendance to the International Space University‘s one year MSc program – unfortunately, the deadline for the scholarships has passed… you can still apply for the MSc without Space Agency support until the 30th of June. And finally, a teacher taking part in the agency’s Space Schools Scheme has been awarded a Hauksbee award by the Royal Society.


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