A couple of talks at UCL

There’s a couple of astronomy related talks going on at UCL, one tonight and one in June. The one tonight is a public talk aimed at schools on the subject of spectroscopy called “Rainbows from the Stars: colourful bridges to the secrets of the Universe.”:

The majestic display of the rainbow has marveled the human mind of all times, unaware of the treasure hidden within those beautiful colours. Following a historical exploration, this lecture/demonstration will produce a variety of live rainbows describing them as wonderful bridges that lead to amazing discoveries. We will see how astrophysicists have developed clever ‘rainbow machines’ attached to their powerful telescopes to find out what the stars are made of and even which ones have planets around them. On the grand scale, rainbows from distant galaxies tell cosmologists the ultimate story of the Universe, its age and how fast it keeps growing since that primordial and remote event. After knowing all this, what will we feel next time we see the rainbow?

That is at 18:30 tonight at the Harrie Massey Theatre in the Physics Department of UCL.

Then on the 11th of June from 13:00-13:45 across the road at the Wellcome Collection, UCL researcher Lewis Dartnell will be discussing the search for signs of life on Mars.


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