Spaceflight Roundup

(as ever, excluding Atlantis and STS132 as they have their own post)

The launch of the rocket containing the Venus bound probes Akatsuki (which tweets here) – a wind measuring satellite – and Ikaros (which tweets here) – a solar sail and ion drive testbed -, among others, finally made it to orbit atop an H-2A rocket at 22:58 BST. Spaceflight Now’s launch blog is here and their full report is here.

Meanwhile, the private launch company SpaceX has designated May 27th/8th as the likely date of the maiden flight of their Falcon 9 rocket. It was to go this Sunday, but the system that should destroy the rocket if it veers toward populated areas hadn’t yet passed associated tests, so launch has been delayed. More at this blog.

And finally, do you have proven experience of journalism in the technology sector and plenty of editorial experience to boot? New Scientist requires a new technology editor and has run a job advert in the Guardian. Click here for further details and to apply.


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