STS132 @T+6

The seventh day in orbit for the estimated 12 day mission of the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis was a bit of a rest day amid the hectic schedule of the STS132 visit to the International Space Station.

At 11:52 BST, the hatch of the Russian Mini Research Module-1, named Rassvet (Dawn), was opened to put in an air filter. After that, it was more a day for NASA TV to broadcast interviews and then store them on its youtube channel, from which I can get my hands on them:

At 11:45 BST, astronauts Good & Reisman will begin the 3rd and final spacewalk of the mission, finishing off those last two of the six batteries, broadcast as always on NASA TV. Atlantis is scheduled to land on Wednesday, May 26th at 13:48 BST. If you want quick mission updates, go to NASA’s twitter feed, if you want to see the ISS in your own skies, then go to Heavens Above and hope the orbit is right at the moment.


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