STS132 @T+9

Flight day ten of a nominal twelve for the STS132 crew of the space shuttle Atlantis saw them saying their farewells to the expedition 23 crew of the International Space Station, closing down hatches and departing.

Atlantis’ crew woke at 5:50 BST to “These are the Days” by 10,000 Maniacs, played for Pilot Tony Antonelli. At 11:25 BST, the joint Atlantis-ISS crew held a press conference, which reviewed their week in space and also discussed results of the examinations of the heat shield of Atlantis:

The crews said goodbye in a farewell ceremony before closing the hatches between the two vehicles at 13:43 BST. This was captured on NASA TV and archived to their youtube channel:

At 16:22 BST, the space shuttle Atlantis undocked from the station for what looks to be the last time:

At 16:51, the shuttle did a lap around the ISS to capture its new configuration after the addition of the Russian Mini-Research Module – 1:

Then at 18:05, the jets were fired and the space shuttle Atlantis pulled away from the space station to begin preparations for landing, expected to happen on Wednesday at 13:48 BST at the Kennedy Space Center:

Now the space shuttle and station are two separate things, should they be above your skies at anytime before Wednesday, you may see two dots on similar paths – check Heavens Above for times. Mission updates can be found on NASA’s Twitter Feed.


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