STS132 @T+10

It is flight day eleven of twelve for the STS132 crew of the space shuttle Atlantis, recently departed from the International Space Station (they were photographed on the way out by ISS unofficial snapper @Astro_Soichi – one of NASA’s Tweeters in Space – well, JAXA‘s, but on NASA’s list of tweeters in space…). Tomorrow is their final full day in space, with a landing scheduled for 13:48 BST on Wednesday. As ever, NASA is keeping people aware of mission events via their twitter feed and NASA TV are broadcasting events and keeping highlights on their youtube channel.

Atlantis’ crew woke at 5:50 BST to the theme music for “Wallace & Gromit,” played for Mission Specialist Steve Bowen. A rather cruel choice given that the plasticine duo made it to the Moon and back, whereas the chances of anyone on that shuttle going Lunar are pretty low. This page tells you how the wakeup songs are chosen and this one displays the historical playlist, so far as it is known. Just to rub the Moon thing in, here’s a picture from the STS132 Mission Gallery:

Using the shuttle arm, the crew completed inspection of the wings, nose cone and leading edges, to ensure there was nothing out of place, at 13:17 BST. The data went down to NASA, who went over it all and gave the all clear for a Wednesday landing, as shown below:

Meanwhile, a timelapse photography video of the space shuttle Discovery being prepared at the launch pad for the previous mission STS131 has been published. If the orbits are right, then you might be able to see the space shuttle Atlantis or the ISS as a star passing over your area, put your location into Heavens Above for these and other satellites.


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