Atlantis to land today

The space shuttle Atlantis, fresh from its final scheduled mission STS132 to the International Space Station is in orbit and waiting to land. The first attempt at landing is for a touchdown at the Kennedy Space Center at 13:48 BST (8:48 EDT) this morning. Landing tracks for this event are here and a schedule of events is here. All events should be broadcast on NASA TV with the highlights put on their youtube channel. NASA will also tweet updates to the schedule.

Atlantis’ crew woke at 5:20 BST to “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z, with Alicia Keys, played for Mission Specialist Garrett Reisman. Their day involved systems checks and interviews:

NASA also released new views of the launch of Atlantis for this mission:

To see the ISS and other satellites in your own skies, put your location into Heavens Above.


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