Research council cuts whispered about

Rumour has it that cuts are coming for the research councils. The cuts are more manageable than might be expected with an estimated £10-15 million sliced off the seven research councils in total, with the share of each council still to be decided. With the astronomy research council, the Science and Technology Facilities Council, still on its knees and the others well aware of that, it could be interesting to see how the axe falls and whether or not there’s any form of reorganisation to help boost confidence. The Science and Universities Minister David Willetts has already ‘required the resignation’ of the heads of the student loans company for not implementing fixes to its organisation swiftly enough.

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (organisers of the #SciVote) have examined the Queen’s Speech for anything of use to their aims.

An article in the Guardian discusses science’s place in the media and popular culture at the moment. Here an article visually calls for ministers to recognise how basic blue skies research is the bedrock of the high technology economy they hope to build. And finally, with people so enchanted by neutrinos such as this, if all else fails, have a doe eyed scientist demand to be told to their face why their research is forfeit.


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