Some astro stuff in the media

With the landing of Atlantis for the final scheduled time, naturally there’ve been a few column inches dedicated to it and a few other spacey things. One example is this image of the shuttle in the Washington Post. This image hasn’t yet appeared in Traffic Warden’s Weekly, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

On channel four this weekend, another series starts on a similar theme to the BBC’s Story of Science. Called Genius of Britain; The scientists who changed the world, it sets out to celebrate the great visionaries of British science every day at 9pm from Sunday 30th of May until Thursday June 3rd.

If you want to hear about research direct from the horse’s mouth, then this event at Greenwich Observatory on June 17th at 19:00 will involve discussions of astrobiology with a researcher in that field.

On Facebook, the Russian space agency Roscosmos has a new page. This joins pages for NASA, ESA, the Canadian Space Agency, the International Space Station, NASA Goddard, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and the Space Shuttle among many, many others.

Meanwhile, twitter has been abuzz with the Full Moon (known as the ‘Flower Moon’). A gallery of images here and a video of the full Moon rising over Bristol from Will Gater is below:

…and finally, there’s a bit of a suggestion of some disturbed geomagnetic conditions at the moment, with the possibility of enhanced auroral activity. Check spaceweather and your local auroral alerts services for more details.


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