Some future launch stuff

With the shuttle down and the next mission (Discovery’s STS133) not due until the 16th of September at the earliest, here’s a couple of other launch things to watch.

The launch of the SpaceX rocket series prototype Falcon 9 will be delayed until June 2nd or 3rd due to delays in an earlier launch scheduled at the overcrowded Cape.

A new HD look at the launch of Cryosat has been released by Roscosmos TV on their youtube channel:

Another launch getting a fresh look is that of the speculative craft Daedalus, which was supposed to head off into the galaxy, fueled by explosive fusion reactions. That original paper has now been re-examined in order to form the basis of a modern take on an old idea, called Project Icarus – Icarus being the son of Daedalus.

But all these launches do leave things floating around and it can be quite unnerving for scientists scanning the heavens to occasionally come across something unidentified that is obviously artificial and painted. Fortunately, these things can be identified and hopefully studies of this possible Proton Rocket stage in orbit of the Sun will come to a conclusion on what it is soon.

And finally there will be a virtual launch next week with Mars500, the simulated 520 day Martian mission, setting off on the 3rd of June. Some quick facts here.


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