Vods, pods and bulletins

As the new month starts, the various owners of podcasts and the like put out their latest episodes and bulletins. Here’s a few of them:

PubAstronomy.com records astronomy conversations in a pub… This time there’s a video on Our Strange and Wonderful Universe.

ESA’s Bulletin this week includes new stuff from Hubble and a visualisation tool for viewing the bulletin like a magazine.

ESA Kids meanwhile focuses on a Trip to Mars.

Another trip ESA is preparing for is a trip to the International Space Station, but this 6 month mission, beginning in December, has no name. Suggestions and more details? Have a look here.

The Jodcast (which tweets here) from Jodrell Bank Observatory has put out its June Episode, on SETI with Lofar, telescopes on planes, news and the night sky. Jodrell Bank also hosts a live Ask an Astronomer at 2pm Tuesday-Friday this week.

And finally, from Spaceflight Now, This Week in Space (subscribe via Youtube or iTunes) discusses the rockets Falcon 9, Delta IV and Ariane 5, Neil Armstrong’s position on the future of spaceflight, merging black holes and a little something from the north pole of Mars. Not Santa…


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