Writing space

A few space related books coming out…

Martian Death Rays: Modelling and experimental work on the astrobiological implications of the Mars subsurface ionising radiation environment is a republication of the PhD thesis of UCL astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell (who tweets here).

More prosaically, The Practical Astronomer is the second publication of Will Gater (who tweets here).

Specific Impulse is a science fiction thriller about a rocket scientist from a rocket scientist – Charles Justiz (who tweets here).

(and if you want a really good read then there’s always some of my books – I tweet here)

In the world of magazines, the Sky at Night magazine want people to evaluate the publication at an event in Bristol.

Finally, there’s been a complaint in a Times blog about government stepping in to do a PR job on an aspect of science without involving the experts or doing any proper research on it at all. The result is a horrendous website, a terrible report and a massive overspend, especially when compared with in-community efforts, which are invariably cheaper and better. Full story here.


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