Some ESA stuff on display

The European Space Agency have two displays for people to enjoy. The first is June’s issue of the ESA calendar, downloadable here, which involves images related to the just begun Mars500 mission.

ESA are also putting up an exhibition called “Space for Earth” at the Berlin Air and Space Show, which runs from the 8th-13th of June at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. The focus of the exhibition will be on technology transfer from space missions and environment observation missions. On display will be an Ariane 5 engine and displays relating to Europe’s spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana. Earth observation and telecommunication missions will also be the subject of displays. The International Space Station and related technologies get their own space as (collectively) do missions dealing with the rest of the solar system and cosmos as a whole. Herschel and latest images from that get a space and a few words on future missions complete the exhibition.


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