Some astronaut news

Now that TJ Creamer (who tweets here), Soichi Noguchi (who tweets here and is pictured here) and Oleg Kotov of NASA, JAXA and RosCosmos, respectively, are back on the ground after performing their duties on the International Space Station as part of Expedition 22, NASA invites people to send them welcome home messages via this website.

Another returnee from space was a bunch of flags presented to Peter Hintze, secretary of state for Germany.

Meanwhile in Germany itself, at the Berlin Air Show, 2010, a group of ESA’s past and present astronaut corps will make an appearance at the ‘Spaceflight: Yesterday–Today–Tomorrow’ workshop on Friday, starting at 12:00 CEST in the Space Hall (Raumfahrt-Halle).

For another behind the scenes looks at what happens in NASA’s missions, there is this photo-tour of the clean room at the Goddard Spaceflight  Center. The present inhabitants include parts for the James Webb Space Telescope, soon to fly and be the infrared sensitive replacement for the UV sensitive Hubble Space Telescope.

That view was provided by NASA Blueshift, one of many ‘new media’ arms of NASA. For a look at the range and diversity of the various social networking efforts of the agency, look at NASA Connect, the latest addition to which is NASA History, which tweets anniversaries and the like.


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