The BAA joins the twitterverse

The British Astronomical Association has belatedly entered into the world of twitter with its new account @BritAstro. But it isn’t alone in making a few attempts at outreach and educating the public in SciTech matters at the moment.

At the Berlin Air Show, 2010, the European Space Agency is putting on a series of events. Photos here.

NASA has a series of online webchats with NASA scientists and the public at 3-4pm EDT (8-9pm BST) on various dates and subjects between now and the end of July. The first one is on Thursday, program of dates here.

The BBC has produced a primer on the returning Japanese asteroid mission and the ESA and NASA missions, Rosetta and Dawn, to asteroids to follow.

All of which, released on the 8th of June, the birthday of Descarte’s description of the theoretical scientific method, aims to improve the subject of this video – scientific literacy. An important skill when reading, listening to or watching new information on the internet. Also a good skill in government, it seems the coalition have decided (extended interview with the Science Minister David Willetts here). It is also a useful thing to have in general, given the number of successful engineering companies that require it.

But if all that’s a little too heavy, here’s a few nice space pics from the upcoming issue of Astronomy Now.


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