Draw a physicist now on

(I think they mean a general idea of what a physicist looks like, I don’t want reports of people hanging around university departments, stalking professors and generally looking untidy – they have students for that…).

CERN has a new exhibition on. It asked 400 schoolchildren aged 9-11 to discuss with their teachers the world of science and research and then to come up with a definition of a scientific researcher as well as a few drawings. Then the children were invited to CERN and to meet some real researchers – then to repeat the activity, writing new definitions and doing new drawings. Eight definitions and eight drawings from before and the same number from after the visit have been chosen and put on display. The exhibition is on display with free admission on the second floor of CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation, 385 Route de Meyrin, 12th-23rd of June and the full set of drawings is on display at this website.


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