Constellation finally setting?

For a person standing on the equator, all the constellations rise in the East and set in the West over the course of a day (though only those overhead during the hours of darkness are visible). However, people sufficiently displaced from the equator can see stars and even entire constellations that seem to circle their closest pole without ever setting. These are called circumpolar constellations and they go round and round and round. From Kendal Cassiopeia is one such constellation, visible any night of the year.

The Constellation program, NASA’s attempt to produce a new manned lunar mission using Ares rockets and Orion capsules, seemed destined for a similar fate as the President, and NASA administrators, continually stated the program was defunct, but Congress kept ordering it to live again. Congress thought they had finally triumphed in ordering some sort of stay of execution when they passed legislation to stop NASA from cancelling any related contracts until the impasse is sorted. NASA and Obama have responded by simply attempting to cull as much related activity as possible before the legislation is signed into place. All except for certain parts of the program that are thought to be reusable for other missions (the smaller of the Aries rockets and a modified Orion capsule are being considered for future use). Supporters of this course of action argue that it is uneconomic to be constructing a new Cold War program in a post Cold War world, others argue that the technological derivations and support for basic research have proven a resilient growth industry that would be spurred by an overall government program of this scope rather than just private companies developing rocketry.

…and you thought things normally got messy when the rockets were built and blew up…


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