Things to watch, things to look out for

Lots of pages giving tips of what to look out for in the sky this month at the moment. Astronomy Magazine has gone for some tips when watching the June Bootids meteor display. The Guardian has gone with a diagram of where the comet is expected to be during the month (it will get brighter all through the month, but lower). Already made observations? The sky at night forum has a place for them here. More into spaceflight? Well there’s a Soyuz launch at 10:35pm BST today (Tuesday), taking three expedition 24 crew-members up to the International Space Station (including @Astro_Wheels) – picture of the rocket here, it’ll be shown on NASA TV. A review of spaceflight highlights can be found on NASA’s Blueshift podcast. In case you’re worried about all the stuff all this spaceflight is leaving up there – so is NASA, they’re sticking up a new eye in the sky to monitor the debris, even at times when ground-based observatories are clouded out. But what about our eyes on other skies? Kepler will be releasing data on new planets later today, but just to be sure, CoRoT scientists released six new ones of their own yesterday along with a brown dwarf – ESA statement here.

Finally, an irreverent look at science is provided via Brian Cox and Robin Ince on their BBC Radio 4 show Infinite Monkey Cage – latest episode here.


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