Ask the experts (again)

There’s a couple of upcoming live web broadcasts coming up.

Professor Brian Cox of the Wonders of the Solar System series and the upcoming Wonders of the Universe one, is giving a talk a week on Monday aimed at Key Stage 4/GCSE science students. Further details here.

Secondly, what is going on with the Sun? What sort of activity does it undergo, on what sort of a cycle, how can it effect us, how badly and how likely? These are just a few of the questions you can pose to Dr. David Hathaway in tomorrow’s web chat with NASA from 8-9pm BST. Click on this page up to half an hour before the event for the chat, or even earlier just to get further information. Then click on this page to get some idea of what can happen when the Sun hits the sky. The emphasis is on can as although power grid failures and satellite frying have happened quite a lot due to solar activity, they’re mostly localised events.



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