The rest of Expedition 24 has blasted off

The remaining three members of Expedition 24, the new crew of the International Space Station, has blasted off in a Soyuz TMA-19 capsule. They left the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 10:35pm BST and are expected to reach the ISS late on Thursday. The new crewmembers include a tweeter and a blogger. The launch was shown on NASA TV and archived to their youtube channel. It is shown below along with the crew preflight and a preview of the mission:

If you want a personal rendevous with the ISS, then check out Heavens Above to see whether or not it or other satellites will soon be in your sky.


2 responses to “The rest of Expedition 24 has blasted off

  1. I enjoyed watching the soyuz launch, but found it a shame there was no camera feed on the outside of the rocket to show the various stages.

    I still can’t work out why more people are not following these space missions. I know there is a healthy chunk that are, but most people I know though interested to a certain point, don’t actively try and keep updated. Shame.

    It was great to watch.

    • I agree (with all points). It’s all very nice to see the guys strapped into the chairs with their suits and the sticks they use to press buttons, but there’s only so much the ground based cameras could do to show the outside the launch. Once the boosters had dropped off, that was pretty much it for the outside. But still good to watch and maybe as these launches become the focus of NASA’s human spaceflight program, there’ll be some pressure for an additional camera or two to be put on the vehicle. It’s also a shame the ISS was just in the wrong part of its orbit to capture the launch from its perspective too. The orbit itself was at the right inclination, but the station hadn’t reached the right point to see anything.

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