Some astro-relevant publications

There’s loads out and about to be seen at the moment.

Issue 8 of the free magazine and journal CAP – Communicating Astronomy with the Public – is out now and includes articles on the clash of science and the humanities as well as a look back at the science-art project Cosmic Revelation.

A behind the scenes look at the photoshoots involved in the telescope review session of the Sky at Night Magazine has been put on their youtube channel:

Astronomy Now are building up a list of Sir Patrick Moore’s books, including every single edition, all the different languages, things published under another name, science-fiction, astronomy and non astronomy works. Sir Patrick estimates that all the different aspects put together would create a list of over a thousand books and the team want to find out whether or not this is true. If you feel you can help them or want more information (or to buy some books of Sir Patrick’s through their store) contact them here.

Meanwhile, their editor reviews their current issue on their youtube channel:

But those aren’t the only videos coming out at the moment. One of the characters in the upcoming Toy Story 3 movie has visited space and when there, aboard the International Space Station, he made this video of his adventures.

The Times has created a video of highlights of the recent Cheltenham Science Festival.

NASA Blueshift have stuck up another tour, this time of Bern, Switzerland, Einstein’s home at the time of his publication of four seminal papers.

And finally, if you are aged 7-19, the Royal Astronomical Society wants you to write about contact from an alien civilisation. You must first write down the message itself – it can be friendly, hostile, neutral, a wrong number, whatever – then those who are aged 7-14 are asked to write a newspaper article reporting on the message and the reaction to the message. Those aged 14-19 are asked to write an in depth features article, going a bit more technical. Details of how to enter and what to write are here. The closing date is the 26th of July.


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