Expedition 24 begins and Mars500 continues

Three new members of the Expedition 24 crew of the International Space Station joined the other half of the crew already on board the ISS when the Soyuz TM-19 capsule docked a day or so ago. The event was broadcast on NASA TV and then highlights archived to their youtube channel:

You can keep up with their progress via their twitterer, @Astro_Wheels. Incidentally, the next launch to be webcast from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where the Soyuz went up from, will be Germany’s TanDEM-X Earth Observation satellite. To watch the launch, or get further details, click here.

Another mission, or pseudo mission, with a tweeting guy is Mars500, the 520 day simulated mission to Mars, which tests the psychological effects of isolation as well as the ability to keep people alive (are they breathing today? Tick.). One of the crewmembers sends tweets from here. You can email in questions via the address mars500crew@esa.int and they’ve also recorded a couple of videos for their watchers to enjoy on the ESA youtube channel:

The information garnered by these missions and how to distribute and use it across the various players in the space industry – universities, companies, international entities and the like – are the sort of Knowledge Management topics for the aerospace community that will be the focus of the upcoming 3rd International Conference on Managing Knowledge for Space Missions. This will take place at ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany and begins on Monday, running until Wednesday in Room HI.

Parliament recently saw the launch of a new initiative celebrating the half centenary of the launch of the first man into space (which will be next year). The project is called YuriGagarin50 and it celebrates the space programs of both Russia and the UK, with the aim of educating and fostering links between the continuing efforts of the two countries as the UK consolidates its own space agency and Russia starts supplying the manned flight capability of NASA. The website of the spaceflight celebration is here, the twitter account here, the flickr account here and they’ve messed up the youtube link, so I can’t put it here…


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