Music of the Sun presented to Parliament

Stellar acoustics looks at the soundwaves produced by events on the Sun, their frequencies, intensities, how and where they travel. The idea is to probe the inner workings of our nearest star and also learn about the events that produce these waves, but the data can also be modified to produce videos and audio files, such as these ones presented at an event in Parliament.

How science will interact with the new parliament is the topic of a discussion to be held tomorrow, 19:30-20:30 at the Science Media Centre in London, including one ex-MP, one science journalist and one science policy researcher.

As it happens, across the pond, NASA Day has been happening in their government. This included a mockup of one of the lunar rovers that, thanks to the cancelling of Constellation, won’t be roving on the lunar surface anytime soon.

One thing NASA does have staring at the Lunar surface is the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, LRO, which has now spent an entire year looking down at our closest island in the sky. To celebrate this anniversary, NASA Goddard have put out a list of ten things seen during this time, from pits and boulders to Apollo hardware and Lunokhod rovers.

LRO data have been used for the citizen science project Moon Zoo, part of the Zooniverse. This group of computer based projects first came to life with Galaxy Zoo, the galaxy classification website and an interview with one of those present at the birth, Dr William Keel, is here.


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