Taking a Tour

NASA Blueshift, the official podcast and blog of NASA Goddard‘s Astrophysics section has put up another tour of a scientific part of the world. This time it is the home of Robert Bunsen, him of the burners available in every school chemistry lab. Heidelberg, Germany has also been home to Gustav Kirchhoff, who studied the emission spectra of burning materials. The actual equipment he and Bunsen used is still available for viewing at the Old University Building in University Square. Max Wolf, who amongst other things discovered a comet and what nebulae were, also lived in the city and there’s a Physicists Window to be seen in the Church of the Holy Spirit. See here for fuller information and pictures.

A tour through ESA’s exhibition at the Berlin Air and Space Show 2010 is also on the ESA website.

And finally, there will be a chance to tour the technology NASA would’ve created for the Constellation program via the Moonbase Alpha video game, released on the 6th of July.


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