Some astronomy bits and pieces

Stephen O’Meara has written a book about amateur binocular astronomy called Exploring the Solar System with Binoculars. He has given a quick interview or two to this blog as a bit of a guide to what’s in there (or even out there).

A lunar eclipse happened about twenty four hours ago, when the Moon was on the wrong side of the planet for it to be seen here. But some people did see it, took photo after photo during it and combined them together to create this timelapse video of the event.

Moving onto more professional astronomy and the Royal Observatory Edinburgh will be host to a workshop on the 13th-15th of October 2010, the subject matter being Applications of Astronomy. Techniques and technologies developed in astronomy can find their way into the commercial sector and this workshop will look at that. It will also provide postgraduates and postdocs with networking activities and suggestions for career directions. There will be a talk by Will Whitehorn, President of Virgin Galactic, although there will also be one by Keith Mason, CEO of STFC and one person who really shouldn’t put himself in a room full of angry young astronomers… Registration for the workshop opens in July.

…and finally, one group of people hoping to add a new application to their astronomer portfolio is India. They have announced plans to join the Thirty Meter Telescope at Observer level. The TMT is scheduled to open in 2018 and will be the largest optical astronomical observatory at the time of opening.


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