Some distant rocks

Mars Express has been zooming in on cracks and mounds on the surface of the Red Planet. The area it has been investigating is around Magellan Crater. The mounds have a number of creation scenarios. They may be the result of the top layer of rock shattering during a massive impact, or it may be that rising magma beneath the mounds heated the ground and melted away subsurface ice, leaving a series of cavities that then collapsed. Images of the mounds, and some nearby fractures that are generally thought to be due to an impact are here.

On the same day, users of the citizen science Moon Zoo project, which enables people to log on and mark out craters and other features in satellite data, mentioned in their forums similar features, but this time on our own natural satellite.

Cracks I’m fine with. Mentions of different impacts on Jupiter on the same day I’m fine with. The first interplanetary monolith discovery and I’m off…


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