Away days for UK national astronomy societies

The two big UK astronomical societies, the British Astronomical Society and the Society for Popular Astronomy (the renegade one time youth wing of the BAA) are known to be rather London centric. However, two meetings have been arranged that will see each of them venture gingerly outside the M25 in September.

The first one is the BAA Out-of-London-Weekend, which is to be held in Sidmouth on the 3rd-5th of September. There will be three days of talks and demonstrations, loosely based around star formation. Those of you who are members of the Eddington Society may well recognise a name or two from the list as people who have spoken or helped out at events last year. National fame often follows our meetings.

Later in the month, the SPA will be holding a Regional Meeting (pdf) at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Norwich on the 25th of September from 10am-6pm. There will be talks, a tour of the facilities (maybe including the space probe testing laboratory) and trade stands. The event is free, but you must obtain tickets in advance for security reasons.


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