Some BIYA2009 news

Beyond the International Year of Astronomy 2009 have published a few more bits of astronomical happenings:

A couple of bits for teachers. This symposium in Boulder, USA on the 1st-4th of August will bring together educators and professionals in space and Earth science to help make connections and bring the world of research closer to those who teach about it. Meanwhile, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, part of the IYA2009 legacy, has announced a series of grants to be distributed to teachers in certain parts of the developing world (developed enough to make good use of them). Details of how they will be used are here.

The contribution of women to space and astrophysics has been long and complex. Some highlights are available via this page.

An exhibition of space pictures and music developed for IYA2009 has been chosen as the best show of the year in a Spanish theatre by those who passed through the theatre doors.

And finally, a date for your diaries is the 18th of September, which is International Observe the Moon Night. Details coming soon.


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