Two science writers of note

For different reasons, two science writers have been in the news for their unique perspectives on space. The first is Diego, who writes his second diary entry from inside a capsule in the Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems as part of the Mars500 project, which sees six men crammed into a tube that will simulate a 520 day mission to Mars. The mission will demonstrate we have the technology to make the best uses of the available resources and also look at the psychological aspect of 520 days of isolation. For the physical impact, we’ve had a few people in space stations for that length of time.

The other science writer of note is journalist David Perlman, who works as the Science Editor for the San Fransisco Chronicle. He is ninety years old and has been in journalism for 78 of those years, starting his own school newspaper at the age of 12, joining the Chronicle in 1940, 70 years ago, and doing some science reporting in 1957, 53 years ago. An interview with him for the New York Times is here.


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